Season: Mid-June to Mid-July

Doles Orchard is a family farm and we want your experience with us to be a family tradition, therefore children are welcome in our patches! A few friendly things to keep in mind; please no running and no jumping over the rows, this keeps the berries from getting squashed. Also, we know its darn near impossible to keep children from eating berries, and its certainly not fun to keep telling them “no.” Instead, be sure they’ve had enough to eat before you come so when they are in the fields, they only end up eating a snack instead of a meal.


If you come out of the field with red fingers, you are bruising your berries and shortening their shelf life! Lots of folks grab the berries and pull. Strawberries are very delicate, you should hold them gently while pinching the STEM between your thumb and finger. Lift and snap stem. No bruising, no stains!


We recommend hulling and slicing your strawberries and mixing approx. 1/2 – 3/4* cup of sugar to 10lbs of strawberries and freezing in quart freezer bags. Enjoy in your cereal, atop fresh biscuits or over ice cream all winter long. For Smoothies simply hull the berries and freeze on a cookie sheet. When firm slip into a freezer bag and you can take just a couple out at a time.

*We recommend adding sugar to your sliced berries in order to maintain good strawberry flavor. Their natural sugars break down in the freezing process and they need an extra boost. We have tried adding sugar after being frozen, and we found it doesn’t work well unless you cook the berries (i.e. jam, sweet bread, pie filling, etc.)