Season: Late August to Late ctober

Please Pick, Pay and then Eat your Raspberries!

This is the only fruit we discourage children from picking unless trusted and well supervised! We have tons of strawberries and we are more than happy to let folks taste test, same goes with most other fruit. However, raspberries are very expensive and anyone who, like most children, eat more than they put in the box can quickly eat $5-$10 or more worth of berries. We don’t like to discourage anyone, but this has proven a problem in the past. Please respect us and the work that it takes to run this farm.


Raspberries are very easy to pick. They should pull very easily off the plant – the white center should come right out. It’s easy to get carried away picking the berries right out in the open, but you will find even more if you bend over and tilt you head to get a different view of the plants. The best berries are hiding just behind the next leaf!


We recommend freezing your berries if you don’t plan to use them right away. Raspberries are very delicate berries and very susceptible to mold. We do not spray to extent shelf life (and many year they never get sprayed at all), so you don’t have to wash the fruit before eating or freezing. We recommend freezing right in the container you picked into to keep from squashing your berries. Once frozen, loosen and place in any freezer safe container.