Season: mid-July to mid-August

We grow delicious, large, high bush blueberries. Easy to pick, great for those who have a hard timing bending over, and a quart fills up much faster too!


Blueberry picking can be tricky. It’s hard to see the backside (stemside) of a blueberry before picking, which is why it is so important to bend down, and get different and closer views of the berries you are picking. Blueberries ripen from front to back, so even though it may look blue, you will often find the back to be purple and green right around the stem. This is fine if you are freezing, baking or jamming with your fruit, but to eat fresh, they taste a bit sour. To avoid this, the best way to pick is to cup your hand under the fruit and use your thumb to gently roll the berries off the stem and into your palm – if they don’t come off easily, they are not ready!


The easiest berry to freeze! Just pop into a freezer bag and freeze! Great if you want to pick now and jam or bake later!