Season: Late August through October

Apples are a wonderful fruit because they are so versatile. Fresh, they have along shelf life, dried, canned, sauce or pie filling, jelly, juice, baked and more, they are delicious!


Apple picking is a wonderful fall tradition for many families. However, safety is a concern for farmers because we live in a country where, to put it nicely, you can blame others for your own mistakes. And for that reason, we and most other orchards ask that you do not climb trees or ladders.

For this reason we have picking poles. They are very easy to use and can help reach many apples that are even hard on a ladder. Simply catch the apple the bag or basket, lift up and twist gently until the apple falls in. The only thing we ask is that they are used by adults or with good supervision – a roughly wielded pole picker can not only be broken, but it can cause more apples to hit the ground than land in the basket, and we are not allowed to use ‘drops’ for cider anymore, so that can be very wasteful!

For those apples that can be reached from the ground, try not to just pull. Roll the apple up around the branch the stem is attached to, this should help release the stem without pulling off a bunch of leaves or breaking a branch.

We have over 25 Varieties of apples at our orchard. They all ripen at different times – every week there will be a new variety to pick, and as the weeks go by, some get picked out, or the their season is early and anything left is on the ground.

The Ground… Not a good place for apples anymore. We are no longer allowed to pick up drops for cider or apple sauce… But you are! We offer half price drops after Columbus Day. They are the best for apple sauce, or if you make your own cider, because they are so sweet.