Seasonal Pies

Doles Orchard has been hand crafting pies for their seasonal bakery for over 15  years! Lots of time and love has gone into perfecting the look and taste of our pies. We are slowly expanding our bakery, and we are now taking orders for weddings and other special events. Holiday pies are available as well, these are sold as a frozen, unbaked pie that you just pop in the oven for warm, homemade pie on Thanksgiving, or any day! And you’ll stay honest when you say, “I baked it myself!”

Pies: available fresh baked during apple season or as a special order (minimum order applies).Or, you can purchase a frozen, unbaked pie and have a hot, homemade pie out of your own oven, without the hassle! Contact us for more info!

  • Apple
  • Cheddar Apple
  • Cran Apple Crumb
  • Pumpkin
  • Raspberry
  • Blackberry
  • Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Mixed Berry (cherry, blueberry and raspberry)
  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink (cherry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, apple and a touch of spice)

Special order pies:

  • Pecan
  • Coconut Custard
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Cran Apple Crumb