Fruit Trees and Plants for Sale!

Doles Orchard takes orders in late winter for fruit trees and plants for you to pick up in the spring. We sell bare root plants directly from the large nurseries to you - no pots and no wasted soil keeps costs down so we can sell them to you for much less than your typical retail nursery.

Below we have listed the type of plants and varieties available along with prices. We do not take orders until February, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact Earl Bunting at

Please make note that we sell varieties of apples that you may not be familiar with. This is because we sell only apples that are resistant to certain diseases in order to reduce the amount of spraying home owners will need to do. Most folks do not realize how much energy and knowledge goes into caring for supermarket variety apples!

And don't forget to attend the Home Gardeners Meeting the first Saturday in May. Learn how to plant, prune, and fertilize your plants in the most efficient and cost effective ways. Earl will take you on a tour around Doles Orchard and answer any questions you may have. You will be able to pick up your order at this time. Please be sure to inquire about the specific date and cost when you place your order! (Orders not required to attend event!)
These are dwarf trees that will top out at about 12', they should be planted at least 12' apart. All apples must be cross pollinated, so you will need at least two different varieties. These are not apples
that most people know, they have been bred for disease resistance, they are very high quality apples. Apple trees are all $25 each.

Very high quality, disease resistant, ripens late september. Similar flavor and texture to Honeycrisp.

Freedom- Very large good flavored apples ripens in early October. Great for pies.

Peaches make a naturally dwarf tree, they can be kept to about 8' tall by about 12-15' wide. Peaches are not reliably hardy here, so if you live in a cold spot, don't plant them. Plant about 15' apart. Peaches are $25 each.

Red Haven-
Very high fruit quality, early season peach, equal in hardiness to Reliance with much, much better fruit quality (taste and texture!).

Garnet Beaty-
Early, very large, high quality fruit.

Plums- These are Italian plums or fresh prunes.They are unbelievably sweet and productive. The trees are about 10' wide and tall and will produce 2-3 bushels of fruit every year. Plums are $25 each

Stanley- This is the most rewarding thing we offer. Very hardy, productive and reliable, it ripens in late September, but turns blue in early September, so you have a tree covered with stricking blue plums for almost a month. When they are ripe, they are like eating candy. Easy to can, they grow on a naturally dwarfed tree, so they are easy to care for.

Tart Cherries- Tart cherries are very hardy and reliable, the tree is a little larger than a peach tree. They are quite good fresh when fully ripe, but are at their best in a pie or jam. Cherries are $25 each.

Balaton- in place of Montmorency. Very reliable and poductive tart cherry with dark red juice

These are fall or everbearing raspberries. The way we handle them is to mow them in the spring and just pick the fall crop. If you hand prune them in late winter you can also get a summer crop from the same canes. Plant about 30" apart. Raspberries are $5.00 per cane.

Autumn Britten- Very large, fall bearing raspberry with great flavor, is very productive and carefree. Ripens from mid August until you get a hard freeze, usually early October for us.

Strawberries- Nothing beats fresh strawberries. Plant about 12-18"apart in rows 3-4' apart. Strawberries are 25/$10, 50/$16 or 100/$25

Honeoye- Our favorite strawberry! Vigorous, productive and very hardy plants. Early ripening, not the sweetest berry, but has outstanding strawberry flavor!

Blueberries- Blueberries require acid soil!!! If you have limed the ground where you want to plant them, get a soil test and apply twice as much sulfur as they tell you to before planting. Plant 4-6' apart andplan on about 12 pints per mature bush. Blueberries are $10 each.

Duke- Early ripening with huge size and great flavor. All of the fruit ripens in a short time.

Toro- Huge berries with great flavor, mid-season.

Bonus- Late season with huge berries and outstanding flavor.